why PURr

PURr [pyʁ] is the Dutch word for pure or pristine, meaning of organic origin, but pronounced in the dialect of the fair city of Ghent, where additional emphasis is being put on every final “R”. Hence PURr.

PURr is a small non-profit organization aimed at organizing an annual gathering that focuses on nature, wine and its makers. The first edition will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 10-11 2017, in the beautiful wine cellars of Loods 22 in Ghent, Belgium.

Who we are? We’ll tell you.

who we are

We are three friends, who share a passion. We live and breathe in the city of Ghent, Belgium, and we spend a lot of time with, in and around wine. Because of a shared love for and interest in natural wine in particular we decided to do something together. The concept of a natural wine fair was quickly established: something pure (pun intended) – and from our point of view – something very natural to do.

PURr is not meant to be just a wine fair. It’s an ambiance, an atmosphere, a state of mind, a way of life. In the hopes of becoming ambassadors of this way of life, we would like to invite everyone to take a sip, grab a bite and enjoy what’s on offer: nature’s purest products.

We look forward to welcoming you in Ghent!

Jason | Stijn | Tristan

PURr in 2017

The first edition of PURr will take place during the weekend of June 10-11 2017, in the magnificent wine cellars of Loods 22 close to the port of Ghent. Having trouble finding us? Nothing Google Maps can’t solve!

Just type in Voorhavenlaan 14A, 9000 Gent, Belgium and you should get there easily. And if that doesn’t help you, here are the GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 51.077509 | Longitude: 3.727853

Loods 22 – Locus Developments

The history of Loods 22 goes back to the late 19th century, when six monumental cotton warehouses were erected during Ghent’s prime time as one of Europe’s major textile producing towns. Destined to be demolished in 1990, local developer Locus Developments made it its mission to refurbish the entire complex, turning it into a modern place with tons of office space, penthouse residences, while at the same time preserving the building’s historic arched cellars. Want to know more? Visit the Loods 22 website.



We’ll soon announce the first batch of participating winemakers here. Stay tuned for more information. Are you a winemaker, food enthusiast or local entrepreneur and eager to participate in any way to the 2017 PURr wine fair? Drop us a note and let us know!

reach out

Do you want to know more about PURr? Eager to participate to the fair? Any other questions? Drop us a note and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!