why PURR

PURr [pyʁ] is the Dutch word for pure, genuine or pristine, but pronounced in the dialect of the fair city of Ghent, where additional emphasis is being put on every final “R”. Hence PURr.

PURr is a small non-profit organization aimed at organizing an annual gathering that focuses on nature, wine and its makers. The first edition will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 10-11 2017, in the beautiful cellars of Loods 20 in Ghent, Belgium.

Who we are? We’ll tell you.

who we are

We are three friends, who share a passion. We live and breathe in the city of Ghent, Belgium, and we spend a lot of time with, in and around wine. Because of a shared love for and interest in natural wine in particular we decided to do something together. The concept of a natural wine fair was quickly established: something pure (pun intended) – and from our point of view – something very natural (yes, again, intended) to do.

PURr is not meant to be just a wine fair, it’s meant to be another wine fair. One like the many beautiful wine fairs in Europe there are at the moment, and at the same time something else entirely. PURr is to become an ambiance, an atmosphere, a state of mind, a way of life. And in the hopes of becoming ambassadors of this way of life, we would like to invite everyone – including you, dear reader – to take a sip, grab a bite and enjoy what’s on offer: nature’s purest products.

We look forward to welcoming you in Ghent!

Jason | Stijn | Tristan

practical info

The first edition of PURr  will take place during the weekend of June 10-11 2017, in the raw cellars of Loods 20, a former cotton warehouse located close to the port of Ghent.


Having trouble finding us? Nothing Google Maps can’t solve! Just type in Loods Machtelynck, Santospad, 9000 Gent, Belgium and you should get there easily. And if that doesn’t help you, here are the GPS Coordinates:

Latitude: 51.0745114 | Longitude: 3.7289445

opening hours

  • Friday, June 9: 5PM – 11PM (Post-Work Apero)
  • Saturday, June 10: 11AM – 6PM
  • Sunday, June 11: 11AM – 6PM

On Friday, June 9, we’re also organizing a post-work apero outside in our food village between 5PM and 11PM on the ground floor of the warehouse. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of cover in case of Belgian weather outbursts. We’ll have a nice selection of wines on offer at our bar and there will be plenty of food available from several local and artisan food stands – in other words: a must-attend event!


Tickets for the wine fair can be purchased online or onsite. Online, a one-day-ticket will cost you a mere €10 (€12 onsite) while a weekend ticket costs €15 (€17 onsite). You don’t need to buy a ticket to enter the food village – that’s a free-for-all space!

about loods 20

The history of Loods 20 goes back to the late 19th century, when six monumental cotton warehouses were erected during Ghent’s prime time as one of Europe’s major textile producing towns.


Destined to be demolished in 1990, local developer Locus Developments made it its mission to refurbish the entire complex. At present, Loods 20 is still empty, but plans are already in progress to turn it into a modern place for offices, loft apartments and multifunctional cellars. Right next to Loods 20 stands Loods 22, which has already been completed and shows perfectly how these historic buildings can be preserved and modernized.


participating winemakers

    The following winemakers have already confirmed their presence for the 2017 edition of the PURR wine fair:

  • Czech Republic
    • KORAB - Live Hill
  • France
    • Rousset Peyraguey
    • Manoir D`Apreval
    • Domaine des Balmettes
    • Bulles de Comptoir
    • Gilles Troullier
    • Domaine Des Mathouans
    • Le Zaparel
    • Mas Zenitude
    • Lous Grezes
    • Domaine des 3 Saules
    • La Cave Apicole
    • Guirardel
    • Terres de Causse et Terres & Mer
  • Italy
    • Tenuta Baroni Campanino
    • Az. Agr. Marina Palusci
    • Case Corini
    • Az. Agr. Bruno Ferrara Sardo
    • Az. Agr. Gueli Calogero
    • Fattoria La Maliosa
  • Spain
    • Clot de les Soleres
    • Alfredo Maestro
    • Loxarel


During the entire weekend – from Friday evening until Sunday evening – the outside food village will be open and accessible to everyone. You do not need a ticket to enter the food village. You only need a ticket to enter the actual tasting fair.

Onsite, local food artisans such as O’Yo, Mokja, and Porco Bello will be preparing food delights during the entire period. More will be confirmed soon!

agenda-oyo-logo agenda-mokja-logo agenda-porco-bello-logo

We’ll be announcing more in the coming weeks, including several interesting presentations of winemakers on their wine and natural wine making, DJs and local bands that will give their best to provide some tunes, and side-animation for whoever feels like taking a break during the tasting sessions!


Locus Developments is our prime partner in providing us with the location for this year’s wine fair. Locus is currently developing three warehouses of which Loods 20 is one.

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The City of Ghent is our partner in providing much of the material used for our ground-floor food village. It’s also worth mentioning that without Ghent we wouldn’t be organizing PURr at all!

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PiCla is the reason everyone doesn’t have to drink with their hands. The beautifully designed, custom-branded PURr glasses have been made and delivered by PiCla.

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Nunchi is Ghent’s first real Bento bar, founded by Michael Pilozzi and Jet Valstar. In no time it has become the go-to foodie hot-spot in town for Asian-Korean fusion kitchen.

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Ghent’s own Pils 13 was an easy-pick for our beer selection at the bar in our food village. Two varieties of the 13 – one fermented in the bottle, one not – are awaiting your thirst!

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PURR in 2017

Loods 20 through Google Maps:

reach out

Do you want to know more about PURr? Eager to participate to the fair? Any other questions? Drop us a note and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!