PURr 2019: info

▸ when

The third edition of the PURr wine fair will take place on Sunday and Monday, May 26-27, 2019.

▸ where

PURr 2019 will again take place in and around Loods 20, one of the magnificent historic cotton warehouses located in the old docks of Ghent, Belgium. The wine fair takes place in the cellars of Loods 20, the PURr Village takes place on the outdoor, elevated platform of Loods 20.

Having trouble finding Loods 20? Nothing Google Maps can’t solve! Just type in Loods 20, Santospad, 9000 Ghent, Belgium and you should get there easily. And if that doesn’t help you, here are the GPS Coordinates:

      • Latitude: 51.074889
      • Longitude: 3.728028

▸ opening hours wine fair

      • Sunday, May 26: 11AM – 6PM
      • Monday, May 27: 11AM – 6PM

▸ afterwork Friday, May 24

As is the case each year, we organize a nice afterwork on the Friday before the fair. This year is no different: on Friday, May 24, the afterwork will kick off from 5PM on the ground floor of Loods 20, and everyone’s invited (read: free entrance, baby!) Don’t worry, there’s plenty of cover in case of Belgian weather outbursts. Although the actual wine fair only opens on Sunday mornign, we’ll have a nice selection of wines straight from the participating winemakers on offer at our bar, in addition to some nice artisan beers and non-alcoholic beverages. As always, we’ll provide plenty of nice things to eat, and a couple of kick-ass DJs to get your legs moving! In other words: a must-attend event!

participating winemakers

    The following winemakers have already confirmed their presence for the upcoming edition of the PURr wine fair:

  • Belgium
    • [HOLASS] The Wine Collective
    • Clos Les Ramiers
  • France
    • Les Vins Pirouettes
    • Domaine Brand & Fils
    • Vignoble Reveille
    • Alexandre Dalet
    • Mas Zenitude
    • Domaine des 3 Saules
    • Closerie de Belle Poule
    • Sons of Wine
    • Pechigo
    • Mas Pas Res
    • Champagne Jean Laurent
    • Domaine des Mathouans
    • Maison Lissner
    • Arias
    • Les Terres de Mallyce
    • Face B
    • Nada
    • Ty Plan Breizh
    • Fond Cyprès
  • Germany
    • Bio-Weingut Rita und Rudolf Trossen
    • Weingut Mann GbR
    • Weingut Stein
    • Philip Lardot
    • Weingut Benzinger
    • Weingut Bergkloster
  • Hungary
    • réka.koncz wines
  • Italy
    • Davide Vignato
    • Az. Agr. Le Grotte / Vino Leoni
  • Spain
    • La Tintorera Compañía de Vinos
    • Bodegas Coruña Del Conde

the Village

As of the afterwork on Friday evening, our beautiful Village is open for all, and remains open for everybody until Monday evening. Because it’s such a nice place to be, relax, have a drink, grab a bite – you name it – we’ve decided to keep it open a day longer than last year. So, get ready for four days of total relaxation, with a nice view of the old docks of Ghent. The Village remains an open and a free-for-all accessible place for everyone.


about loods 20

Loods 20 is one of the 4 remaining sheds of the ‘Voorhaven’ next to the canal Gent – Terneuzen. De Voorhaven is one of the best preserved 19th century harbors in Europe. De Voorhaven is an official historical landmark and counts over 15 protected historical monuments. The harbor was built between 1882 and 1890 and doubled the capacity of the existing harbor in Gent. Loods 20 has beautiful cellars, which are currently being restored. This will be the third time the cellars will be open for the public.


VZW De Voorhaven is a non-profit organization with more than 400 members. We strive to protect and support sustainable development of this beautiful part of Gent. More information at www.voorhaven.be (Dutch only).



Locus Developments is our prime partner in providing us with the location for the wine fair. Locus is currently developing three warehouses of which Loods 20 is one.

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VZW “De Voorhaven” is a non-profit organization with more than 400 members that strive to protect and support sustainable development of this beautiful part of Ghent.

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The City of Ghent is our partner in providing much of the material used to decorate Loods 20. It’s also worth mentioning that without Ghent we wouldn’t be organizing PURr at all!

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PiCla is the reason everyone doesn’t have to drink with their hands. The beautifully designed, custom-branded PURr glasses have been made and delivered by PiCla.

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why PURr

PURr [pyʁ – with additional emphasis on the final “r”, as pronounced in the Ghentian dialect] was founded by three young Ghentians with an insatiable passion for what is commonly known as “natural” wine. The term was coined by winemakers who wanted to distinguish themselves from conventional viticulture. These winemakers work according to the principles of organic or biodynamic agriculture and produce their wines with a lot of respect for both man and nature. To us, they simply make “wine”.

Through PURr, we organize an annual gathering that focuses on nature, wine and its makers.

Who we are? We’ll tell you.

who we are

We are three friends, who share a passion. We live and breathe in the city of Ghent, Belgium, and we spend a lot of time with, in and around wine. Because of a shared love for and interest in a certain kind of wine in particular we decided to do something together. The concept of a wine fair was quickly established: something pure (pun intended) – and from our point of view – something very natural (yes, again, intended) to do.

PURr is not meant to be just a wine fair, it’s meant to be another wine fair. One like the many beautiful wine fairs in Europe there are at the moment, and at the same time something else entirely. PURr is to become an ambiance, an atmosphere, a state of mind, a way of life. And in the hopes of becoming ambassadors of this way of life, we would like to invite everyone – including you, dear reader – to take a sip, grab a bite and enjoy what’s on offer: nature’s purest products.

We look forward to welcoming you in Ghent!

Jason | Stijn | Tristan

reach out

Do you want to know more about PURr? Eager to participate to the fair? Any other questions? Drop us a note and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

PURr team

Jason Zappa Janse
+32 472 76 75 87

Stijn Demeulemeester
+33 7 69 93 34 00

Tristan Lybaert
+32 472 87 24 86